Grade 169 Glass Microfiber Filter Papers

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Grade 169 Glass Microfiber Filter Papers
Ahlstrom binder-free glass filter papers are ideal for use in water and wastewater analysis, gravimetric analysis involving ignition of the sample and filtration of hot gases and liquids. They are recommended for use in environmental applications, biochemical testing, as pre-filters and as direct sample application pads. Binder-free glass microfibers feature maximum flow efficiency, fine particle retention, while maintaining a higher loading capacity than cellulose filters. Glass microfibers are chemical and thermal resistant and maintain their operational integrity in the presence of acids, alkalis, organic solvents, and temperatures at or above 500°C. Grade 169: 1.0 μm Thermally stable to over 550°C Total suspended solids determination Volatile solids testing EPA and ASTM protocols Total dissolved solids Characteristics and Benefits Consistent uniformity and longer shelf life make it possible for custom cut sizes and bulk packaging. Ahlstrom offers eight grades containing no binders or other additives that may cause interference in sensitive enzymatic or other chemical reactions.