Grade 642 Qualitative Filter Papers

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Grade 642 Qualitative Filter Papers
Ahlstrom's qualitative grades of filter paper are, by definition, recommended for use in analytical methods, which determine or identify particulate constituents of a mixture irrespective of the amount present. Qualitative filter papers are often used in routine separation work that still requires high purity and consistent performance. Ahlstrom offers a complete range of low ash filter papers for general laboratory work that provides you with the correct combination of particle retention, filtration speed, loading capacity and wet-strength. All our qualitative grades consist of > 95% super refined a-cellulose and linter fibers. Key Features Quantitative analysis Low ash content 0.06% Untreated High wet-strength Consistent performance Wet-strengthened grades available Custom cut Bulk packaging Standard Grades (Non Wet-Strengthened) Standard qualitative filter papers are suitable for quadrant folded or gravity flow applications. These grades contain a high level of alpha-cellulose that provides high purity but will weaken when wet. The inherent strength of standard (untreated) grades does not pose a problem when they are used in routine quadrant folded applications. We do not recommend these grades for use in vacuum work or when wet handling is required. Ahlstrom 642: 2µm – Medium Speed This grade has finer particle retention than Ahlstrom 601 but with slightly lower filtration speed. Ahlstrom 642 also has higher absorption than Ahlstrom 601. It is used in general laboratory applications to retain particles above 2 µm in size. Ahlstrom 642 is also found in agricultural and environmental laboratories for plant growth trials, soil testing, and air analysis for monitoring specific contaminants and in the filtration of organic and sulfide precipitates.