Oakton conductivity solution, 12,880 µS

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Oakton conductivity solution, 12,880 µS

The Oakton 00606-10, 1-pint, Standard Conductivity Solution with 12,880 µS is premixed for ease of use and accuracy. A conductivity solution is used to calibrate conductivity instrumentation for accuracy in testing natural waters, boiler and cooling water towers, and other field and lab use. This premixed conductivity/TDS calibration solution is cross-checked using different methods for accuracy. The solution is standardized against NIST-traceable references for quality control, and the KCl, NaCl, and 442 conversion values are printed on the bottle for ease of access. The bottle is also labeled with the name and CAS number for all ingredients for safety and to conform to “Right-to-Know” requirements. The WD-00606-10 standard conductivity solution has + or - 1% accuracy at 25 degrees C. It has a conductivity value of 12,880 µS, and conductivity-to-TDS calibration values of 7747 ppm KCl, 7230 ppm NaCl, and 11,367 ppm 442. Use with conductivity/TDS meters and cells (sold separately). A calibration solution is used to calibrate instrumentation for accuracy in aquaculture, hydroponics, water-testing and for scientific applications. It is necessary to use a calibration solution similar in dissolved solids content to the solution to be tested in order to get acceptable accuracies. Calibration solution should be at the same temperature as the test solution to minimize temperature effect errors. Conductivity is the ability of a material or solution to conduct an electrical current. Oakton Instruments manufactures an array of scientific instruments for research, industrial, and educational uses. Since 1991, Oakton has distributed a wide variety of instruments such as meters, electrodes, and transmitters. Oakton is based in Vernon Hills, IL, and has facilities in Europe, Asia, and China.