Oakton Electrode Cleaning Solution; 500 mL

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Oakton Electrode Cleaning Solution; 500 mL

The Oakton 00653-06, 1-pint (550-mL) pH/ORP electrode cleaning solution is to remove build-up from electrodes to maintain bulb sensitivity. A cleaning solution is used to clean probes for accuracy in testing liquids in lab and field applications. This liquid solution is to keep the probe bulb in proper working condition for quick readings. It comes in PEGC-bottle packaging to improve shelf-life, and is manufactured according to the APHA and ASTM formulation for more accurate readings. The 00653-06 cleaning solution comes in a 1-pint (500-mL) bottle. It is used with electrodes (sold separately). A cleansing solution is used to clean electrodes and keep bulbs moist to extend the life of a probe, increase the speed of response, and obtain more accurate readings. Cleaning solutions are used in water treatment, hydroponics, aquaculture, and in various types of manufacturing. Oakton Instruments manufactures an array of scientific instruments for research, industrial, and educational uses. Since 1991, Oakton has distributed a wide variety of instruments such as meters, electrodes, and transmitters. Oakton is based in Vernon Hills, IL, and has facilities in Europe, Asia, and China.


  • Volume (mL)500
  • Volume (oz)16
  • DescriptionElectrode Cleaning Solution; 500 mL